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Description of the New Fun x5 server


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olympiad_buff.png.6ec68e09c6762176c0d5e6c493cbe979.png It is important to know:

- Project website: https://la2fun.net
- Project Forum: https://forum.la2fun.net
- Project Discord: https://discord.gg/kpxvfgpQb9
- Project telegrams: https://t.me/la2fun_community
- Vkontakte of the project:https://vk.com/la2fun_community
- Start date of the New Fun x5 server: New Fun x5: 22.12.2023 at 18:00 Moscow time. (UTC+3)
- Start date of the Open beta testing of the New Fun x5 server: \\-\\-\\-\\


1st_ranking_share_buff.png.d4652a0d0bd24639473205fd5e0c4811.png Basic information:

- INTERLUDE server Chronicles:
- Platform: Java but as close as possible to PTS.
- A new client of the Classic game.
- The time zone is UTC +3.
- Thoroughly thought-out game content for a long and comfortable game. (without vips).
- No Pay to Win (No pay to win).
- International community from all over the world - Europe, America, Latin America, Asia.
- Multilingual client patches - supporting full localization of Russian and English.
- A new modern and user-friendly interface for a comfortable game without FPS drawdown.
- High-quality server hardware with high performance for a comfortable game for our players.
- Flexible client configuration for your system requirements, a wide range of options and settings - both client and interface.
- A convenient Community Board in the game with a very modest store and a small set of services, statistics, a call via the keyboard shortcut - Alt+B.
- High level of server protection against DDOS.
- Protection of the server from Bot Soft and Rmt - there is a captcha. (We kindly ask you to treat this with understanding).
- A convenient and well-designed personal account on the site. (It gives you great opportunities to monitor the server, manage your characters, personal data, and much more).
- High-quality and well-developed geodata of the server.
- Convenient and high-quality Updater + Launcher server. (It gives you the opportunity to download our entire game client and update all files to the latest version - check for updates).
- The maximum allowed number of game windows on the server is 3.
- The maximum allowed level of character development is 80 lvl.


fortune_time.png.7489eee86c07e3b30e6a615dbb7623a8.png The bonus system in the game:

- A bonus system for completing daily tasks and for increasing each level of your character (you can get epic decorations) and much more, which will make it easier for you to upgrade your character during the game.
- A bonus system for daily visits to the server (you can get many interesting bonuses) and much more, which will make it easier for you to upgrade your character during the game. (You need to be in the game for 30 minutes and have 20 lvl of the character.)

Bonus for Clans - (Symbolic reward, auto-issuance in the game via the Community Board).

* 15 people in the clan = 8 lvl of the clan - [20,000 reputation points] - Without skills.
* 25 people in the clan = 8 lvl of the clan - [40,000 reputation points] - Without skills.
* 35 people = 8 lvl of the clan - [60,000 reputation points] - Without skills.

Important! All clan players must be in the game online when the bonus is issued, otherwise the bonus will not be issued. The bonus will also not be given to Twinkie clans, as the bonus issuance system checks all players by HWID and the availability of online players at the time of bonus issuance.


dimension_bracelet_i09.png.abc68ef2fd41c10e604f2d5d538c54e5.png Features of the game:

- There are additional scrolls, talismans, runes, riding pets, unique accessories and some items from the chronicles above on the server (you can read the description of these items directly in the game in the Community Board or in your inventory by hovering the mouse cursor over the item itself). Some items give beautiful visual effects to your character, which will pleasantly set you apart from other players.
- Raid Boss Points system - Points are awarded for killing Raid Bosses and Epic Bosses. You can spend points on various items you need in the Community Board game store.
- There is an npc on the server - which is located in all cities and can teleport you to any Catacomb and Necropolis. (teleports to the entrance requires you to be registered in underground locations).
- There is a novice npc Buffer on the server - gives your character a free basic buff from 1 to 75 lvl. - The buffer is also located in each city.
- There is a convenient npc in the central server market in Giran city to find the items you need on the market. - (trading is allowed worldwide).
- The server implements mail for the exchange of items between players, a global party search, a global clan search or the creation of an application for recruitment to the clan.
- Full information of mobs - by stats / drop / spoiler / resists by Shift+Click keyboard shortcut.
- Removing unnecessary buffs using the Alt+Click keyboard shortcut.
- Link an item to the chat - hover the mouse cursor over the item and use the Shift+Click keyboard shortcut
- Champion mobs are available from 20 lvl worldwide. (You can get nice rewards for killing with a small chance).
- Free teleport worldwide up to and including lvl 40. - Free teleport worldwide up to and including lvl 40. (Teleport to Catacomb and Necropolis up to lvl 40 is also free)..
- When your character dies, there will be no items from the mob drop. (It is only possible to get a Death Penalty).
- If there are 5 PK kills, the drop will be from your character. (Taking into account the presence of unwashed karma, a drop is not possible with washed karma).
- There is an auto-learning of the skills of your game character. (All books have been removed from the drop and spoiler).
- Maximum weight transfer (inventory) increased by - 2%
- The maximum level difference for the distribution of Exp/SP/Drop in a party is 14 lvl.
- Global announcement of the mammon location.
- Global announcement of the beginning and end of the 7 seals period.
- All mobs and Bosses in the game world have a title - level and aggression.
- A large number of auto events that will be launched for significant events on the server. (L2 Day, L2 Collect Medal, Christmas, Halloween - the list is quite large).
- Cursed Weapon (Akamanah & Zariche) - when a cursed weapon is found on the map, the weapon is given before the character re-enters the game world. When relogued, the cursed weapon drops and disappears.


skill0444.png.769abe1ab25f481ce2889ecc6de26d9a.png Mob collection distance:

* The maximum range at which mobs stop chasing the aggressor and return to the spawn site.

- For mobs in enclosed spaces and dungeons - 8000
- For mobs on the surface - 8000
- For Raid Bosses - 5000 (Except Noblesse RB - its radius is 1500)


s_vitality_of_honors1.png.54cb648e4f6b9a15fa9a9b1270ee808c.png Server rates:

- EXP - x5.
- SP - x5.
- Adena - x5.
- Drop - x3.
- Spoil - x3.
- Seal Stone - x1.
- RB Drop - x5.
- Epic RB Drop - x5.
- Quest Drop - x2.
- Quest Reward - x1.
- Manor - x1.


buff_inc_adena.png.8a1d1632b045fc5ace3bd07897fdbe96.png Server currency:

- Adena is a game currency that is mined in a game way from all types of mobs on the server and completing certain quests.
- Apiga is a game currency that is extracted in a game way from mobs of champions, ordinary mobs from 40 to 80 lvl. (Also for capturing castles and participating in automatic events on the TvT/DM/CTF/GVG server).
- Festival Adena is a game currency that is extracted in a game way from mobs of champions, ordinary mobs from 40 to 80 lvl. (Also for capturing castles and participating in automatic events on the TvT/DM/CTF/GVG server).
- Coin of Luck - You can get it for donating to the project.
- Raid Boss point - Points are awarded to your character for killing all types and types of Raid Bosses and Epic Bosses on the server.


s_spoil_destroy.png.c13a5255f7ca8044077967fabf8e989e.png Drop chance of coins from mobs:

- Festival Adena - 2% - 1-2 pieces.
- Apiga - 1% - 1 piece.
- Raid Boss point - an average of 1000 points and above. (Random calculation).

- The maximum allowable amount of adena in the inventory is - 9223372036854775807 (exact figure).





skill11003.png.4f5237251c09e5b87e3e96696ac543f0.png The maximum level difference for the distribution of Exp/SP/Drop in a party is a difference of 14 lvl.

# Exp bonus table for the party:

- 2 games v times 30%
- 3 games v Times 39%
- 4 games v times 50%
- 5 games v Times 54%
- 6 games v times 58%
- 7 games v times 63%
- 8 games v Times 65%
- 9 games v times 67%


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skill19538.png.52d085e9f5c0a11815fc8ee305af4f73.png Premium account:

Premium account: Increases base rates by 100%. The premium account applies to all characters on the account!
Runes: Increase base rates by 50%. The rune is activated for only one character!
Rune + Premium account: Increases base rates by 120%. Runes and a premium account do not apply to obtaining quest items and do not affect the drop from Epic and Raid Bosses!

The premium account allows you to paly up to 4 game windows. ( On the same account/multilogin )
A premium account allows you to enable autolute.
When obtaining a profession, D - C coupons are issued.

1. A premium account can be issued for 3 days.
2. A premium account can be issued for 7 days.
3. A premium account can be issued for 30 days.
4. A premium account can be issued for 90 days.
5. A premium account can be issued for 180 days.
6. Premium account can be issued for 365 days


s_dethrone_transform_fire_2.png.f13695105a6f5f3d04e6b3f1609016a0.png Terms of trade:

- The entire game world is a trading area - but the central premium market is considered to be the city of Giran.
- The maximum continuous presence of your character in the offline trade status in the world is equal to 14 calendar days.
- Offline trade command - .offline 
- The minimum level for trading is lvl 10.
- The minimum level for opening a retail store (craft \ purchase \ purchase) is lvl 10.
- A 5% trade tax.


homun_skill_icon.png.190914506a6672a8116de46247a753e6.png Server Chat:

(!) A global chat with 10 lvl is available - A range of regions for the show: - the current region and all neighboring ones.
(#) Access global trade chat with 10 lvl - Range of regions for the shout: - current region and all neighboring ones.


s_buff_boost_archangel1.png.924c40b151d7f017b7884794ab3a47a9.png A quest for a profession:

1. Profession is a complete quest. (It is possible to purchase it for a donation).
2. Profession is a complete quest.  (It is possible to purchase it for a donation).
3. Profession is a complete quest.

- For completing the third profession, an auto award of 10kk of adena and 10 books of giants for sharpening skills are given.


noblessskill1323.png.ff20a64e8e27f2ed6fa39dccba0a89e5.png Sub - class (Noblesse):

- Sub Class is a complete quest. Rebirth of Noblesse RB = 24 hours. (+-60 minutes).
* To obtain the status of a Noblesse, you must:

1. Kill Flame of Splendor Barakiel.
2. Be in the 76+ level Sub class.

* You will not get nobless if:

1. The character is at a distance further than 1500 from the Flame of Splendor Barakiel Boss.
2. Sub - class below 76+ level.
3. The character is not in the Sub class.
4. Your party did not finish off the Flame of Splendor Barakiel Boss.
5. You were dead during the killing of the Flame of Splendor Barakiel Boss.


skill10253.png.31b2a829d099c5774b11f3aa103b3551.png Olympiad:

- Duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time.
- The period of the Olympiad is 1 week.
- Global announcement of the start and end of the Olympiad - upon entering the game world with the exact date and time.
- The issue of heroism at the Olympus pillar from 12:00 Moscow time at the end of the Olympiad.
- The maximum sharpening at the Olympics is +6. Personal items with a higher sharpening automatically have sharpening stats of +6.
- Protection by HWID.
- Extracurricular fights require 5 player registrations.
- The minimum number of fights to get into the list of those fighting for the title of hero is 9. Of them, the minimum number of victories is 1.
- Noblesse is required to participate in the Olympiad.

* Additional reward for getting a Hero:
* Reward and chance in %:

- The Book of Giants - for sharpening skills (the chance of getting 3 books is 10%).
- 1kk Adena - 1000000 Adena (the chance to get 10%).


ability_lock.png.ba90178c1bd9c503ed9d1ad95fb60763.png Catacomb and Necropolis (SEVEN SIGNS):

The fight period is from Monday 18:00 to Friday 18:00.
Printing period: From Friday 18:00 to Monday 18:00.
Dawn or Dusk NPC: To be able to join the catacombs and necropolis, you need to register with the Dawn or Dusk NPC.


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s_emperor_cat.png.ff59c91de3578cfda19e401095d7b16a.png Pets:

* Restriction on the use of Improved pets: 
- Magicians cannot summon Baby Buffalo Improved.
- Wars cannot cause Improved Baby Kookaburra.
- Pets heal  in battle.


skill0433.png.79cce5c2a95492cbb5893299e71a4496.png Buff system on the server:

- The number of allowed slots for the buff is 24 slots.
- The limit on the number of debuffs is 8 slots.
- Fully classic buff lasts 20 minutes, songs and dances 2 minute.
- The beginner's buffer gives a buff for 60 minutes. (From 1 to 75 lvl inclusive).


ev_sylph_bless.png.243da3ae81d5746e924d7037669edf97.png Custom heroism:

- The issuance of custom heroism after the murder of the Raid Boss - Flame of Splendor Barakiel.
- Heroism is issued for 24 hours without issuing Hero skills. (Glow only).
- Conditions for obtaining heroism - you must be in the party, you must be no further than the distance of 1500 and be in the main class and at least 75 lvl.


s_dethrone_fire_origin_center_1.png.d2f9c107343616d934f02382df0aa607.png Augmentation (Life Stone):

- The chance to get a skill from the argument: Top - 12%, High - 4%, Mid - 3%, Simple - 1%

Item Skill: Wild Magic - Passive (Level 10) - 50% chance of magic critical attack
Item Skill: Wild Magic - Active (Level 10) - 100% chance of a magic critical attack
Item Skill: Empower - Passive (Level 10) - 20% Magic Attack
Item Skill: Empower - Active (Level 10) - 20% Magic Attack
Item Skill: Duel Might - Passive (Level 10) - 19% physical damage in PvP
Item Skill: Duel Might - Active (Level 10) - 10% physical damage in PvP
Item Skill: Might - Passive (Level 10) - 10% to physical attack
Item Skill: Might - Active (Level 10) - 10% to physical attack
Item Skill: Shield - Passive (Level 10) - 10% to physical protection
Item Skill: Shield - Active (Level 10) - 10% of physical protection
Item Skill: Magic Barrier - Passive (Level 10) - 10% magic Protection
Item Skill: Magic Barrier - Active (Level 10) - 20% Magic Protection
Item Skill: Prayer - Passive (Level 10) - 19% to heal effects
Item Skill: Prayer - Active (Level 10) - 10% to heal effects


skill11501.png.4bbd0d6baf1cd0ee203ef35abb81bb9a.png The clan system:

- The minimum level of clan creation is -10 lvl of the character.
- All clan fines correspond to the official servers.
- The maximum number of players in the clan corresponds to the official servers.
- The minimum clan level for the possibility of registering for the siege of the castle is lvl 5.
- Clan skills - are studied only in the presence of clan eggs.
- Clan skills - apply to all characters in the clan, including academics.
- An alliance can be created just to make a big clan badge. The maximum number of clans in an alliance is 1.
- The icon of the clan that owns the castle is displayed in the occupied territory.

- It has become easier to upgrade the clan:

# Team chat .topclan
# Listing - top 15 clans.
# Systems for awarding custom points for capturing or holding any castle - 2000 clan reputation for any castle.
# Announcement for awarding clan custom points.
# Systems for awarding custom points for killing Epic Bosses - 1000 points for any of them.
# Systems for awarding custom points for capturing Heroism - 2500 points for capturing a server Hero.
# Custom points for the graduation of an academician - 250 points for each academician released from the clan.
# Custom points for killing the War clan - 10 points for each killed firmware.


s_castle_winner_reward1.png.69ebe89c249cc1cc3082d969ce346014.png Castle sieges:

- Castle sieges in the game world are held every week (On Saturdays and Sundays).
- The duration of the castle siege is 2 hours.
- Closing of registration for the siege of the castle - 2 hours before the start of the siege.
- Automatic reward of the clan leader for capturing the castle - (Bonus is credited to the inventory of the castle owner).
- The bonus is issued in the form of the game currency Apiga.

* Reward for capturing the castle:

- [1] Gludio castle - 200 Apiga.
- [2] Dion castle - 200 Apiga.
- [3] Oren castle - 200 Apiga.
- [4] Innadril castle - 200 Apiga.
- [5] Giran castle - 300 Apiga.
- [6] Aden castle - 500 Apiga.
- [7] Goddard castle - 500 Apiga.
- [8] Rune castle - 500 Apiga.
- [9] Schuttgart castle - 500 Apiga.


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skill19500.png.9f8f50201487d77f7b1d130ab5081454.png Shang sharpening on the server: (Open information).

- Safe sharpening of all things +3.
- Full armor +4.
- Maximum sharpening of weapons +16.
- Maximum sharpening of armor +14.
- Maximum sharpening of jewelry +14.

Percentage chance %:

- Weapons: - +1-100/+2-100/+3-100/+4-80/+5-80/+6-50/+7-100/+8-80/+9-80/+10-20/+11-80/+12-20/+13-80/+14-20/+15-50/+16-95
- Armor: - +1-100/+2-100/+3-100/+4-80/+5-80/+6-50/+7-100/+8-80/+9-80/+10-20/+11-80/+12-20/+13-80/+14-20
- Full armor: - +1-100/+2-100/+3-100/+4-100/+5-80/+6-50/+7-100/+8-80/+9-80/+10-20/+11-80/+12-20/+13-80/+14-20
- Jewelry: - +1-100/+2-100/+3-100/+4-80/+5-80/+6-50/+7-100/+8-80/+9-80/+10-20/+11-80/+12-20/+13-80/+14-20

- Unique light glow of armor from sharpening, from +6 and above. (The color of the glow changes).


madness_aka_manaf1.png.106693526a09c73c30a22ab12f55baac.png Raid Server Bosses:

- The revival of all regular raid bosses from 12 to 24 hours - from the moment of their death.
- The rebirth of the Raid Bosses Alliance is 24 hours from the moment of their death.

ev22_baium_buff.png.921ae574d11c6c3072cd5b48c7c290bd.png Epic Server Bosses:

- The level of all Epic Bosses according to the official servers.
- From the very beginning, all Epic Bosses are alive - the lvl of all Epic Bosses corresponds to the official servers.
- PvP - AOE is implemented in all Epic Boss zones.
- All Epic Bosses are tied to the evening revival.
- The command has been implemented .epic - showing the current status of epic bosses. (Additionally displayed in the Community Board).

core.png.50aec4d07239c84f998996d38debd22f.png.6bd282e8a74d02c5f23f71c49892dccf.png - Core respawn time = 36 hours +/-4 hours.
orfen.png.189d7ad457b6a307a6e6d1a1660acfe7.png.5c1b75887ae363034fd651e41a43f44f.png - Orfen respawn time = 36 hours +/-4 hours.
aq.png.f25a67f584df6cf7747e9a231c295f13.png.1c509a3d086cdb5efb018ed7bc90352d.png - Queen Ant's respawn time = 24 hours +/-hours.
zaken.png.3d6916aa7357bf05ea79ea00a1e13246.png.89433d7971fef2d70c30060771fbfcb5.png - Zaken respawn time = 48 hours (2 days) +/-2 hours.
frintessa.jpg.e9c586bda08402e6adef630ca6bf94d7.jpg.24926990ec08fa7966435eb156f86002.jpg - Frinezza respawn time = 48 hours (2 days) + (0-2 hours).
baium.png.c1a7b4bc000aaddc249cbf5974af1f89.png.e737dae40442857c221b0335d6279c0e.png - Baium respawn time = 120 hours (5 days) + (0-8 hours).
antaras.png.8b430db7cac419e7423a85ceb622e24a.png.74d3285c859d7a010c3aea312f64a69f.png - Antares respawn time = 120 hours (5 days) + (0-8 hours).
valakas.png.a25797e5a8d6139e0f266fb6534bbba6.png.023bb7be722f69ed580e81d7690c83b3.png - Valakas respawn time = 264 hours (11 days).

* The minimum number of groups in svs to enter the last imperial tomb (Frintezza) = 2.
* The minimum number of participants in each svs group to enter the last Imperial tomb (Frintezza) = 5.
* To color the "bloody cloth", you need to beat mobs with your fists - (except for the quest for 10 rags).

- The killing time of Frintezza is 60 minutes.
- The killing time of Valakas is 120 minutes.
- The killing time of Antaras is 120 minutes.
- The killing time of Baium is 120 minutes..
- Fixed time: for Zaken, the gates open at 21:25 Moscow time for exactly 5 minutes.

balthus_buff.png.09250b614f5df8c50f7fe59fd0d8de18.png The drop from Core and Orfen has been changed to make these Epic Bosses more relevant.


codex.png.caf5be61537228594ea3cc88ad061186.png.626685cb2624b048b6ad0c3381bb70b5.png - Secret Book of Giants - 1-3 pieces.
topls.png.2d5051c9ed48fd42240ad4beebcf055e.png.e36b5f008c2500447db5798ccbee9ca4.png - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 - 1-4 pieces.
nephilim.png.4b19b2fe3787373718ff14eb88725c1d.png.c95b7fcaddd0f139ae7a3faa3062be48.png - Nephilim Lord Shield - 1 piece. [100% chance]
bews.png.1be7ed2e3b23b666dc8e71dd40e912a1.png.de27baa8d25af281782336a8fbda0992.png - Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) - 1-3 pieces.
beas.png.ee11a72bba3b49c9cb5268b6560d738a.png.15f0df622132841b0944fb83111896e5.png - Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S) - 1-4 pieces.
bewa.png.0a07c6d6dfec72115d50c5356261c800.png.1034c9e28c94c9d809d8173aa1e9874d.png - Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A) - 1-4 pieces.
beaa.png.cfea8a710ddaa89dea2ee36c281e3085.png.a8628f0a53265e5cb84d148c29c6b9f1.png - Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A) - 2-5 pieces.


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s_system_UI_class_ranking_1.png.f1b7a1a80bf13257ef4d0ebe9a9e3ce7.png Automatic events held on the server:

For the convenience of registration, there are NPCs in the cities to register for the event. Additionally, in an interactive notification, you will be asked to automatically participate or opt out.

* The duration of each event is 10 minutes. 
* Events are held in a random order.
* Limit the sharpening level of all equipment and weapons at all PvP events +6 - Forcibly reduce the sharpening level of the item if above the specified value.

- Team Vs Team - takes place in: 09:00; 12:00; 15:00; 18:00; 21:00
- Automatic reward for events: 10 Apiga.

- Cft Event - takes place in: 09:00; 12:00; 15:00; 18:00; 21:00
- Automatic reward for events: 25 Festival Adena / 10 Apiga.

- DM - Takes place in: 09:00; 12:00; 15:00; 18:00; 21:00
- Automatic reward for events: 25 Festival Adena.

- GVG - Will take place at: 22:00 Moscow time.
- Automatic reward for events: 50 Festival Adena.


skill0635.png.1e026c64619d6b63eb83e97567b71954.png Commands available on the server:

- .menu - Character control panel (enabling/disabling experience, password change, language selection, etc.)
- .pa - How to purchase or find out information about the date of the next replenishment of the premium account.
- .prof - Team for the acquisition of the first and second profession.
- .cfg - to customize your character.
- .epic - The menu for calling the Epic RB window.
- .en - Enable dialogs in English.
- .ru - Enable dialogs in Russian.
- .offline - Allows you to exit the game, leaving the character for trading or crafting (off-trade \Craft).
- .repair - Opens the character recovery menu, password change and detailed menu.
- .online - Online output on the server. (Online output takes into account all characters, even those that are on offline trading).
- .ping - Output your ping on the server.
- .whoIam - Complete statistics of your character.
- .topclan - Displays a system window with the top clans of the server.


s_sum_arm_mastery.png.e982554e78690fb1e74793605f0ea177.png Our project can rightfully consider itself unique, all old and new players will be as comfortable and interesting as possible to play on our New Fun x5 server! We wish you a good game, lots of achievements and good luck in the battles! Sincerely, the Administration of the La2Fun project!


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