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The idea of the server and the concept of the project LA2FUN.NET


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LA2FUN - Our Project boasts an excellent implementation of Interlude Java/PTS, as well as support for its own encoder. Our server has powerful and modern server equipment, and is located in one of the best data centers in Europe (OVH, Strasbourg, France), with a wide communication channel, which will provide you with a qualitatively new level and stability of the game. Thanks to SmartGuard protection, you can be sure of the security of your gaming accounts, as well as the security of the server itself and its protection from dishonest players using prohibited software.

When we were just planning to launch the server, we wanted our server to be different from many other game servers. So that we have our own "highlight", our own characteristics, and our own special players. I wanted to create a community united by some feelings for this game, for this old server, and specifically for these chronicles - Interlude.

Due to some features, our Interlude is slightly different from the one that was once installed on the official Lineage 2 servers a long time ago, and from the one that was on the "Old Mid", as well as from other interpretations of Interlude that are offered by many modern projects. However, most importantly, our Interlude has not lost its "lampiness". After reading the description of the server, you can find out how everything works here.

We also draw your attention to the fact that playing on our project is absolutely voluntary, and you choose to play here or not, after reading the description of the server and its features. The server is provided for the game as it is, according to the "As Is" principle. We have configured it the way we think it is necessary and correct - we consider these settings to be optimal. And if something does not suit you, then this is not a reason to criticize, make claims and compare our settings with the settings of the mythical "Standard of modern servers" or other projects that, in your subjective opinion, are some kind of ephemeral standard, and also not a reason to make suggestions about the need for any changes.

The project administration consists of adults who are engaged in the project in their free time, of which they have very little... and for whom the project is not a job or a means of income. It is important to understand this! We do not work here, but only maintain the functionality of the project, which we have revived, so that you can play your favorite game here. This may surprise you somewhat, but do not expect any "activity" from us, which you may be used to playing on other projects, the administration of which undertakes many ways to attract and retain a gaming audience. It's in their interests - it's their money, they earn their living this way - it's their business. We have everything arranged differently. We will not hold you back, we will not puzzle over how else to entertain you, we will not promise anything, in addition, we will do everything to ensure that our game servers are constantly available for playing, and you will not have any problems while you play on them.

We can't promise you much online, as in the old days, no matter how much we want it, because the time of Lineage II has irrevocably passed... The time has passed when the "Ruler" was a one-of-a-kind online game, and even more than a game - it was a full-fledged social network that we eagerly visited every day to communicate. We lived there, played, got to know each other, were friends, even got married) The lack of an alternative and any kind of social media at that time gave this game such popularity - hence the large number of live online players in those years. It is very difficult to attract players now, they are spoiled, and they have a huge choice where to spend their time. Therefore, what will be online on our servers depends only on you - You are online. We have created, in our opinion, ideal game servers for you, and all the conditions for your favorite game! Play, call your friends and acquaintances to play, no one but you will create online on the server! You play, and we ensure the smooth operation of the servers, the fastest possible elimination of any technical problems that arise for you, at least 2 standard gaming events per year, rare periodic promotions timed to significant days for us, as well as posting information about our project on the main thematic advertising platforms, so that such a project is known and remembered and they came to play with us.

All funds received from donations go only to the maintenance of the project, its support and development (payment for the rental of game servers and web servers, licenses, support and updates from server developers and security systems, advertising, payment for the services of hired specialists, etc.). We are grateful to all players who help the project and thereby share We have the financial burden of supporting and developing it.

Our project is aimed at long-term and stable operation. The server of our project will work for a long time and stably, as the servers used to work, in the good old days, when you could not play for a whole year or more, and then come back and continue the game. And this is what makes our project different from thousands of others. This is exactly the project you need if you are looking for stability and quality, and do not want to worry about how long the server you are playing on will live.

Thank you very much for your support and assistance to the project!
Thanks to you, it will exist!

P.S. Your team LA2FUN.NET


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