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Development of the Discord project server


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Hello, friends. I would like to bring information for you of such content. Our project is no exception and we are also keeping up with the times. Many projects are switching completely to Discord servers, but historically, in the Lineage 2 community, the forum is an integral part of the project and we also agree with this trend. But it is important to have social networks that promote the project and improve its communication with the community in the year 2023. Therefore, we are developing our discord for live communication of players if they have this desire. But our priority is our forum, which will contain all the necessary and important information regarding the life of the entire La2Fun project.

Therefore, at the moment we are not focusing very much on the Discord server and are just starting to develop it. As soon as the Discord server is ready, we will bring this information to you. Thank you for your attention and time.



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